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Kelly Cadman, Founder and CEO

I've had the privilege of serving in public education for more than 25 years, with 20 years exclusively in the public charter sector.

As a former Educator, School Founder, School Leader, Board Chair, Non-Profit Charter Association Executive, and Consultant in schools and organizations across the country, I bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to every engagement.

My personal mission has always been focused on improving quality outcomes for students. I've worked for many years on quality initiatives with government agencies, organizations, and K-12 schools and universities on addressing various areas of quality in governance and leadership, instruction, school and organizational culture, operations, and finance.

I've walked side by side with boards and leaders in strategic and tactical school and project planning and implementation, problem-solving, risk mitigation, stakeholder relations, and capacity building. I’ve had the opportunity to build and facilitate many successful, cohesive teams to do impactful work in their schools and communities

I love this work and am honored to help my clients achieve their mission.

Supporting Consultants

Hive180 partners with a number of trusted, experienced, and effective professionals with expertise in areas such as charter school finance, facilities, Special Education, ESOL, and Gifted programming, operations, and law.