Governance Training Services for Charter Schools

Effective governance is crucial for the success and sustainability of charter schools. As a charter school leader or board member, understanding your roles and responsibilities, staying compliant with laws and regulations, and fostering a collaborative environment are key to driving your school forward. Kelly Cadman of Hive180 offers customized and interactive governance training services tailored to meet the unique needs of charter schools.

Kelly is a Georgia state-approved provider with extensive experience in effective governance building board capacity. She offers training that meets compliance requirements and is available in both in-person and virtual formats, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for participants.

Customized and Interactive Training

Kelly understands that each charter school has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Therefore, Hive180’s governance training is customized to address the specific needs of your school. The training sessions are interactive and engaging, promoting teamwork and capacity building among board members. By participating in these sessions, board members will gain practical insights and skills that they can immediately apply to their governance roles.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

Hive180 provides a wide range of governance training courses, including but not limited to:

  1. Understanding the Chartering and the Charter Contract: This course is designed for new board members and covers the basic tenets of chartering, including an overview of The Charter Schools Act. It ensures that board members understand their legal and regulatory requirements in fulfilling their contract.

  2. The Basics of Charter School Governance: Introducing new board members to their key roles and fiduciary responsibilities, this course covers the delineation between governance and management, and addresses statutory mandates such as the Open Meetings Act and Open Records.

  3. Sustainability Planning: This facilitated workshop supports boards in developing a sustainability plan that addresses changing factors and strategic needs, fostering strong internal systems and community partnerships.

  4. Strategic Planning: Incorporating a deep dive operational assessment, this service helps boards establish strategic goals and objectives based on comprehensive academic, financial, and operational data analysis.

  5. Selecting, Monitoring, Assessing, and Developing Your School Leader: Boards learn the core responsibilities of charter school leadership, develop job descriptions, employ recruiting strategies, and plan for succession.

  6. Cultivating a Strategic Partnership Between the Board and the Leader: This session emphasizes the delineation of roles between governance and management, and provides strategies to improve accountability, communication, and outcomes.

  7. Identifying Signs of Distress: Board members learn to identify key indicators of distress across various domains and acquire strategies to monitor the health of the school.

  8. External Accountability: This session covers the varying pressures and demands from legal and regulatory authorities, authorizers, grantors, parents, staff, and the community, and introduces strategies for monitoring and reporting on the school’s performance.

Flexible Formats

Hive180 offers governance training in multiple formats to accommodate your school’s needs. Training sessions can be conducted in person, on-site, at regional locations, or virtually. This flexibility ensures that all board members can participate and benefit from the training, regardless of their location or schedule.

Building Capacity and Promoting Teamwork

Kelly Cadman’s governance training is designed to build capacity within your board, fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration. By engaging in these interactive sessions, board members will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to govern effectively, ensuring the long-term success of your charter school.

Achieve Exceptional Outcomes

Investing in governance training with Hive180 will equip your board with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of charter school governance. Kelly Cadman’s expertise and customized approach will help your board achieve exceptional outcomes, driving your school towards greater success.

If you are ready to enhance your board’s governance capabilities and ensure compliance with state requirements, reach out to Kelly through the Hive180 contact page. Invest in governance training today and see the transformative impact it can have on your school and its students!